b2booster advertising (free broadcast)

The power of the smart B2B network advertising Nordic/Baltic to launch a new product, spread the voice, boost an event (meetings, conferences, conventions, expos, fashion parades, business-breakfast, etc), release a press. We involve several networks and social business audiences. It works also for free, although professional boosting services and planned advertising make always the difference.

how it works

Just mention @B2BALTIC (or @B2BALTICTELEVISION) where you prefer, in your event-tweet, in your LinkedIn event-post inside one of our LinkedIn groups, or on Facebook.


We will retweet, share or authorize your post on LinkedIn with all our thousands members and business followers!

Countries for sharing permission and terms

The 9 B2BALTIC countries: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Western-Russia (Saint Petersburg), Poland, Germany, Denmark, also free members! The gateway countries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, if effective members/contributors or certified business partners of our community. External countries or guests might be accepted whenever the event directly deals with our territories (example: a US company with a public Facebook event for presentation B2B purpose in the city of Tallinn – An “event” should be a conference, briefing or meeting with official invitation, and with a dedicated page (Facebook event, InterNations event, Webinar, Seminar, or something like a visible event-webpage). Our team will verify case per case. Terms, ethic, policy and conditions of the Community are publicly published on B2BALTIC.org valid for all types of memberships.

Professional B2Boost (valid also for non-members).

The community will select for you:

  • right audience, category and geographic target ;
  • sales pushing (e-mails, cold-calls, video-sharing, webinars, confcalls, etc)
  • an article/interview built for you ad-hoc, adding it to B2BALTIC newsletter (over 40.000 decision-makers are experiencing our B2B platforms);
  • posting on Nordic Baltic Media Networks (or worldwide on demand…) using our professional LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Adwords, everything done by our experienced sales & marketing media managers;
  • follow-up with the generated leads, lead-qualification by sales department and forwarding to your sales manager, PR/event manager or export manager.;
  • fair tailor-made pricing (normally starting from about 390 EUR for up to 6 month caring follow-up for your promoted stuff, in a human way, not just automatic), including case study + active promotion, leads generation, event boosting, brand positioning, product launch, engagement, partners attraction, all inclusive);
  • quick service response from our support through dedicated-channel.
  • (for higher budgets from minimal of 1900 EUR you can opt for the “intelligence advertising” a mix of the professional B2Boost plus the “mathematics” when you want to invest in campaign based on artificial intelligence.

Choose your favorite list to receive special invitations, B2BALTIC.org list, or another