📺 Add your video for B2B or create TV show (TV palimpsest)

You send your video (business movie, presentation, live event, speech, interview, documentary) and we evaluate, assign points for your participation in B2BALTIC Awards 2018 and 2019, and – if compatible with our community purpose – we may want to show it, send “on air” for the next months on our premium Biz-TV B2BALTIC.TV. You don´t have one? Ask us to make one for you and automatically sending it “on air” (contact B2BALTIC HelpDesk team on Facebook or Twitter and ask video editing service; the Help Desk usually answer within the day).

Community audience is: professionals like you, businesses, venture capitalists, associations & foundations, entrepreneurs of the smartcity development world, governments, 20.000 members, 50.000 users, on a potential reach of over 50.000.000 professional users over 25 years old in our group of Nordic Baltic countries. Video-sharing & showing is an exclusive facility for professionals, businesses and associations, offered by B2BALTIC Nordic Baltic community for innovation in collaboration with the redaction of B2BALTIC.TV and several sponsors. It might be possible even for free! Just send your video to our evaluation.



spot     advertising     presentation     business talk

interview     corporate introduction     speech

live event     recorded B2B event     your show     webinar

infomercial     tutorial     auction     biz-coaching*


 📺 B2BALTIC video showing is made for

creators: professionals who want to have their story, case, design, or idea;

producers: organizations that want to stream an event or campaign;

non-profit: organizations, social geeks willing to boost their mission;

brands: managers busy with brand-positioning, responsible for engaging with an audience or community;

developers: engineers busy with building-up big ideas, applications or structures;


One tip more: No worries, video must not be perfect. Important to have good audio, good resolution (recommended HD or Full-HD just if you want perfect details of externals)

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