boxbilling (free software)

BoxBilling is a free billing & client management software suite. BoxBilling is used for example by companies that sell software licenses, downloadable products or even hosting services.


Special contributors, donors, sponsors, approved suppliers, or partners of our community can require this IT automation facility within 1 day from the membership order. We will provide you with the application installed on customized domain of third level. You will get username and password to access and will be able to use the application rapidly. All applications are working correctly and have been tested in advance. The data traffic is limited but normally enough for using the app. However, no assistance or responsibility will be provided with this application, and you need to have your own technical team to set-up and integrate according to your own computer network. Generally it takes just a little time to configure everything. In case of need our you can ask support to our IT department. Service is experimental but stable. The application will expire at the end of your year of contribution. By membership renewing the app will continue working. Export of data is possible according of the application functionalities. We will connect your application to our trading platform: this might help your business grow and improve your IT performance.