♜ Sharing of business-room (B2B)

♜ B2B Host Program, simply amazing!

it allows you from the moment you are a member of the Nordic Baltic community for innovation B2BALTIC, to offer one of your business room to the other members for at least 2 hours per calendar year; provided is wifi and privacy during the use of the rooms; not only an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business travelers, but also chance for conferencing, meeting other professionals in a sharing context, business networking directly on site after the conference. The facility is provided from member to member for free. Members can decide if they want to join the international program or stay out. You can cooperate in development of the best policies to rule the sharing in the most comfortable way for providers and users. Who shares the room is automatic entitled to ask other room availability in other location regardless from the city or nation (of course depending on availability). If you are not yet member, do apply here. on time (sometimes the application is free of charge of activation account costs). If you are already a member, please contact B2BALTIC HelpDesk on facebook leaving a message to receive a fast answer (usually within the day)

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