market intelligence (sales)

No matter if it is a top red wine, a machinery for industrial automation, a revolutionary marketing service or a smart software. You want and need to sell abroad, so you want to export it, find prospects and distribution/referral partners. That´s the matter you focus in. We explain here what we mean with export and market intelligence.

Export Intelligence is our practical assistance to develop our members´ international sales.

It increase your Export Sales through partner attraction, trade visit organization, export management. Export Intelligence is our approach to open doors to a new market and follows these important steps:

  1. Sales channel creation and partner attraction with introduction of the product/service to potential partners in the target market and organization of business meetings in the real market place;
  2. Match-making events for groups of companies who need to find potential partners in the target market;
  3. Export management as continuous service where B2Baltic consultants are outsourced export sales managers for specific companies.

Market Intelligence gives fresh insights on markets, clients and competitors.

Thanks market intelligence you understand your markets before start your business expansion internationally. Market research, industry research and competitor research are the points and we follow these steps:

  1. Market overview. We can assist you in the strategic choice of a new market through potential opportunity & risk analysis.
  2. Market monitoring. We can keep track of any new developments and competitor moves in your target market on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  3. Industry intelligence. We can analyze a particular industry to understand the current market situation and identify business opportunities.
  4. Partner intelligence. Profiling potential partners and identifying the right sales channels.
  5. Product intelligence. Comparing your product or service and its price with the other available alternatives in your target market.
  6. Supplier intelligence. Identifying new suppliers to increase your competitiveness.
  7. Competitive landscaping. Competitor bench-marking to evaluate your strength against the competition.

B2BALTIC community offers you practical support with sales channel creation and partner attraction. While you continue working with your existing clients and in your local market, we will:

A) Identify the right sales channels and select potential partners in your new target market;
B) Start communication with the selected companies and institutions to present them your product or service;
C) Arrange meetings with these companies, plan your business visit in B2B-matching sessions. Live-TV also possible.

Finding prospects, clients, distributors, agents in a new market can be a very time-consuming process and very complicated if you don´t know the countries, business cultures and local languages. You save your time, cold calling as well as mailing anxiety, and tiring travels. You increase your possibilities and do a better work to achieve your target.


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