mentors corner (coaching & personal growth)

B2BALTIC™ established the Mentoring Program for Junior Executives or Entrepreneur-Beginners, who want to improve as entrepreneur with the help of an experienced mentor. We also invite  experienced entrepreneurs 40+/50+/60+ ready to coach (online or offline) the new generation of smart executives. Two reasons to participate:

  1. when you have never had a mentor to advise, you feel that you have to learn things primarily through experience and observation instead of counsel at your side. Clearly having a mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path.
  2. we truly believe that mentoring is win-win model. It helps the executive become more proficient at her/his job.

An article about “why mentoring” on our press site is also available.


You can join the program for free if you are contributor-member of the community searching for your ideal mentor, or if you are one. We will do our best to connect you with the right persons. Please understand it takes some time. Apply here below, the connection is SSL secured:

Another step: Choose your favorite list to receive special invitations, list, or another specific

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