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B2BALTIC™ established the Mentoring Program for Junior Executives or Entrepreneur-Beginners, who want to improve as entrepreneur with the help of an experienced mentor. We also invite  experienced entrepreneurs 40+/50+/60+ ready to coach (online or on-site) the new generation of smart executives. Two reasons to participate:

  1. when you have never had a mentor to advise, you feel that you have to learn things primarily through experience and observation instead of counsel at your side. Clearly having a mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path.
  2. we truly believe that mentoring is win-win model. It helps the executive become more proficient at her/his job.

An article about “why mentoring” on our press archive is also available.


To join the Nordic Baltic mentor program, please first apply for free to become a member of the Nordic Baltic community for entrepreneurial exchange and smartcities by filling-up this form below. Mentors exchange in the community as one of our social aim. We will do our best to connect you with the right persons, if you are a mentor or searching for one.

N.B. if you are already member of B2BALTIC and have already filled-up previously this application, please do not send another but just write a message to B2BALTIC HelpDesk on Facebook to require to be part of the mentor program.

Another step: Choose your favorite list to receive special invitations, list, or another specific

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