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🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭🇮🇹DACH-I is originally the German/Italian entrepreneurs & business network founded in 2006 by Janetschek & Partners Engineering & Legal Since 2016 DACH-I as well as Doing Business Sweden and Italy-Baltic Trading Club, are offered as “B2B facility” of the Nordic Baltic community for innovation and smartcities B2BALTIC. Platforms were integrated and with a common team for assistance. 2 type of team available: a nonprofit team made by professional persons working to help the others, giving advise; a professional sales team for high performance with honest pricing. There is also a LinkedIn group with 1200+ German/Austrian/Swiss/Italian corporate members. Hubs in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin+Munich, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, Genova and Bologna. Only if you are a business resident in one of the D-A-CH-I countries, or already member of B2BALTIC, you can ask to join the guest group on LinkedIn. You can post on our LinkedIn group your initiative, event or search, related to the 4 countries of DACH-I.


Otherwise, a fast way, ask your question to B2BALTIC team, available Monday-Sunday, on facebook. Generally the team reply within a few hours.

Please remind that only members of B2BALTIC community are allowed to interact on our groups/work-groups. Joining B2BALTIC is easy. You can start for free, and change your membership later anytime. Apply today (you can change your type of membership anytime later).

 (N.B. if you are an Italian associations, business, or you deal with Italian professionals daily, we recommend you to enter the Italy-Baltic Trading Club group for free)

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