Italy-Baltic (business clubbing & networking)

Italia Baltico Trading Club meeting entrepreneurs on community TV

The exclusive Italia-Baltico Trading & Business Club founded in 2013 by Baltica & Partners team of Janetschek & Partners. Hubs in Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Saint-Petersburg, Genova, Bologna, Milano. More than 1400 leading businesses involved, some of whom have joined Nordic Baltic B2B Community for smartcities B2BALTIC. Italia-Baltico Club supports business-developers, startuppers, investors and exporters. It makes diplomacy, business networking opportunities for b2b-matching and international events. The club also provides members with a LinkedIn group: 1.000+ have joined it. We´re working together with the Non-Profit Club Federation Club IN Milan, Club IN Liguria, Alma Mater Foundation of University of Bologna, Dante Alighieri Worldwide Association, Doing Business in Sweden, DACH-I German Italia Network, Luxury Nordic Hub LNH, Startup Hub B2BALTIC. Presentation in Italian language is available(IN ITALIANO).

In Italy the Trading Club offers visitors with the biggest place ever in luxury 750 sqm dedicated for business meetings, expos, conferences, public or private conventions in Genova-center in a noble UNESCO palace of Anno 1500. WebTV and live-broadcast on demand. In Forli-Cesena in the old middle-age castle of the CEUB of Bertinoro as well together with the “worldwide-oldest” University of Bologna.

Steps to enter Italy Baltic Trading Club quickly.

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⇒1) Join the LINKEDIN GROUP as guest member here (for Italian, Baltic or Nordic professionals only).


⇒2) on click on “JOIN” to be part of the Nordic Baltic community. During the application, select Italy Baltic Club. It takes 1 minute.


⇒3) Join the Mailing-List Italia-Baltico to receive (not frequently however) invitations to local business conferences.



Main Specialization of Italia Baltico Trade in B2BALTIC.

  • Import/Export furniture, house-systems, luxury design and equipment, for commercial and residential premises;
  • Technology, innovation smart tools for smart-cities;
  • Real Estate investments, development of shops, hotels, logistic centers, shopping malls, professional offices, villas;
  • SPA & Wellness, planning and full construction in 24 countries with best design;
  • Art restoration, art conservation in Italy and in the Nordics;
  • Import/Export of food, wine, gastronomy;
  • Internationalization process for Startups, offshoring, onshoring, sales, marketing, crowdfunding campaign assistance;
  • Accounting, Audit, company formations, legal support (over 140 lawyers) for trade or transactions;
  • Business Travels and Tour-Operations between Italy and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Poland, both for leisure and business traveling.
  • Best locations of our trading community: Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn, Stockholm, Vilnius, Saint-Petersburg, Genova, Bologna, Forli-Cesena, Milano.