B2BALTIC (networking)

B2BALTIC is not only community with over 20.000 business members and over 50.000 users worldwide. It is also the biggest LinkedIn group for the Nordic and Baltic regions. 6000+ (90% decision makers) reserved only for professional decision makers, of the Nordic Baltic countries, Western Baltic-Russia, and a few selected business guests. Click here to ask to enter the LinkedIn group. Topic on this group: general business, trading, proposals, comments, politics, social Nordic/Baltic, events.


for Italian+Ticino companies>> Italian companies can join Italia Baltico Trading Club;

for Austrian and Swiss companies also already part of DACH-I Network>> please remind to enter the community at least as free business member to be allowed to join the B2BALTIC LinkedIn group.

N.B. 2

the Nordic Baltic community allows you now to share your video business contents with the other members (presentations, interviews, and in some cases also advertising) > contact B2BALTIC team, available Monday-Sunday on facebook. Generally the team reply within a few hours.

Choose your favorite list to receive special invitations, B2BALTIC.org list, or another

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