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We want to do more high-tech, therefore we want to let tech geeks talking about…

We made 20 years of information technology and high tech in Europe. Then we joined the community B2BALTIC. Since 2014 we have also launched a LinkedIn group devoted to science & IT. The group is a regional one, therefore for Nordic & Baltic businesses or special approved guests. Several collaborations with the local tech-hubs especially in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vienna and Milan.

How to enter and work with?

  • 1) join the Nordic Baltic B2B community for innovation filling-up the free application here (free of charge for basic membership).
  • 2) enter the linkedin group .

Tech community specialization: retail intelligence, industrial automation, machinery, robotics, aerospace, mobile Apps development, DAM, ECM, ERP, BI, CRM, computer security, cybersecurity, in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and the gateway countries Austria, Switzerland, Italy. 3500+ system integrator worldwide help us develop modern society and social-care. Participate, find new partners, share your contents and launch your tech products (for free), or ask professional sales & marketing tasks, export intelligence to B2BALTIC team (membership contribution required)

New: Group access is also open to HR-managers looking for tech specialists!

N.B. if you are not yet at least free member of the community Nordic Baltic community B2BALTIC, the first step is getting a free membership to start (you can always anytime change the type of membership later) by filling-up the application here.

Otherwise, a fast way, ask your question to B2BALTIC team available Monday-Sunday on facebook. Generally the team reply within a few hours.


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