⛛pharma (workgroup)

The Nordic Baltic community has a workgroup of pharma (⛛) entrepreneurs and pharma-industry specialists in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Western-Russia, Germany, Austria and Italy. Trade and opportunities are growing since the creation in 2015. There is also a LinkedIn group, where over 500 Pharma Experts have joined it. The posting is limited but smart networkers can attract the other members with their smart messages, job offers or project presentations (for example for financing purpose).  Click here to ask to enter group . The following categories are allowed inside: Medical Practices, Hospital & Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Bio Medical Devices Distributors and Producers, Drugs Regulatory professionals, Biotechnology and Researchers, HR Managers offering job opportunities.

N.B. if you are not yet member of the Nordic Baltic community B2BALTIC, you can get free basic start membership, filling-up the application on-line here. You can change the membership later anytime. If you are already member, you can ask a question to B2BALTIC, to be connected with the pharma department.


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