⛫ real-estate (workgroup & clubbing)

Our experts have been developing real estate for longer than 200 years in Europe from south to north. The activities in the last 25 years were particularly intensive. Drivers of the innovation were a group of partner associates. Since 2014 we have started a special team devoted to restructuring of premises from luxury villas to palaces. The associate partners and members also investment and launch new construction projects, based on new technology, domotic (building automation) and attractive design (ask for references of our partners). You can be a partner too and work with us. It has been so far a big hard work. The work-group has high competence with architects, designers, engineers, RE brokers, investment banking specialists inside. The group works with the populated B2BALTIC Retail Hub as well.

Since 2014 for the same purpose a networking initiative on LinkedIn was founded, that got hundreds of memberships from the Nordic Baltic countries. Over 300 realtors and investors have joined it until today and we are very satisfied of this success. Although the network-sharing in real estate is not really an interesting matter for our experts, we had a big result: many new partnerships and new opportunities for everybody. Our catalogue of our shops, spa & wellness, hotels, business offices, medical centers, villas and luxury homes, restored ancient palaces, is available on demand. Contact the coordinator Luxury Nordic Hub LNH, member and supplier of B2BALTIC community for design objects and art restoring.

how to enter this exclusive networking opportunity, part of our business club Nordic Baltic:


Follow these simple steps:

  1. you can enter the community here (you can enter with free membership, you can change it later anytime); during the application procedure, please select your interest or competence for real estate;
  2. after the point 1 you can click here to ask to enter this group (you need a LinkedIn account with convincing curriculum). (N.B. group is moderated and access is restricted to RE specialists, RE investors, RE recruiting managers only!);
  3. if you own or represent a real estate object (commercial or residential house with a value of more than 400.000 euro and you want either to sell or renovate, after the step 1 and 2, you can send a “free request of quote”.



Categories allowed inside are: Architecture & Planning;  Building Materials; Civil Engineering; Commercial Real Estate; Residential Real Estate; Construction; Furniture; Hospitality; Venture Capital & Private Equity; Banking, and for effective approved members of B2BALTIC community.


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