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Our Startup Hub Nordic created this work group in B2BALTIC community in 2014 with the aim 1) to search for investors for your project, 2) to support your crowdfunding campaign, 3) to do much more. We also launched an experimental LinkedIn group in 2015 to increase the opportunity for “challenging” projects to find supporters and investors:  you can ask to join here. The aim is connecting smart ideas with capital markets, inclusive development and launch on Nordic markets or global (beta version; for more please contact our support when you are member of our community).

N.B. you can :

1) post your project, smart business idea, startup or spin-off when you are looking for funding or market developers;

2) also apply your project to the Nordic Baltic Business Community B2BALTIC, the Startup & Venture-Capitalist Department (elaboration times will depend on the type of project, in the average requires a few weeks/months to get a feedback due to big amount of requests, but you can accelerate the process by posting on our LinkedIn group) using the following application form;

3) sell your company or business: contact B2BALTIC team, available Monday-Sunday on facebook. Generally the team reply within a few hours, otherwise directly post your project-proposal on the LinkedIn group, it will be noticed.

B2BALTIC provides you with:

– coaching & mentoring;
– help in finding onsite personnel and specialists;
– partners, integrator, suppliers, attorneys, prospects;
– viral marketing & promotion on all B2Baltic networks;
– initial market research and market entry consultations;
– determining best business model and marketing strategy;
– advise from international sales leaders and market drivers;
– 9 cities to apply, not just 1, thank a multinational multilanguage team;
– access to venture capitalist network and strong relationships with angel investors, financing;
– networking groups inside the biggest and fastest growing Baltic business network, connected worldwide;
– good know-how and connections in real estate, retail, friendly and expert in social structures, technology;
– access to big retail and supply network B2Baltic Retail Hub;

B2BALTIC Nordic Baltic Business Community expects from you:

high growth potential in global or specific regional markets; motivation to build your new business, motivated team; social skills and team player attitude; scalable business idea; firm ambitions; a valuable MS Powerpoint presentation or well-done slide share contents or video.


  1. join the community as free member to start;

  2. during the free application procedure, please select that you have a project to sell or in need of financing;


Choose your list to receive special invitations, B2BALTIC.org list, or another specific

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