🇸🇪Doing Business Sweden (workgroup)

DBS 🇸🇪DOING BUSINESS IN SWEDEN is a growing hub founded in 2012 by an Austrian/Swedish team of sales directors originally with the purpose to operate in Stockholm, Malmo and Vienna area. From IT to commercial real estate. In 2013 a regional team with smart Swedish professionals and then also LinkedIn group were created.

Since 2014 several networking events for B2B have been created mainly in Stockholm, Riga, Vienna, Milan. The LinkedIn group got level 2700+ members, 70% Swedish businesses and 30% selected guests. It is the second biggest Swedish group on LinkedIn ever, although the rules for sharing content on it are very strict (95% of the content proposal are rejected to keep the group safe from low-quality content and boring advertising).

If you are a Swedish company, a Baltic/Nordic business or an effective member of B2BALTIC Alliance you can ask to join the group on LinkedIn and share smart contents. Ask to join here.

Stockholm in Doing Business in Sweden Hub for B2B and startups Nordic


How to work with and get access faster? Follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. after asking to join the LinkedIn group, enter as free member of the B2B community to start (you can always change the type of membership later);

  2. during the free application process, in the section “networking”, please select “accounting assistance” or “legal assistance”.


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